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15 May 2014
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‘Right to be Forgotten’ EU ruling

Is the EU ruling on the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ a good ruling that safeguards our data privacy, or draconian censorship that hobbles search providers?

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27 February 2014
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Solution to the Flag Protests in NI

Change the Union Flag to one of these, and the flag protests will be over instantly; not even the die-hards would want these flying from their buildings!

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14 February 2014
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Valentine’s for everybody!

Valentine’s falling on the day of a full moon?!? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??? (Werewolf love?)

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11 February 2014
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For sale – Yugioh cards

I’m clearing out my old collection of Yugioh cards, there are some good old ones such as Jinzo as well as old staples such as Exiled Force. All my cards are in great condition having been filed or sleeved and there are more than just what are pictured.

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20 January 2014
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On Reparative Therapy

Bob is a troubled stickman. See, ever since his teenage years, he’s really hated his eyes. So much so, he wants them gone, but just can’t manage to bring himself to do it on his own. He finally decides he will go to a doctor, surely a doctor will help him? After all, it’s his body and he is free to do it, so surely someone else should be free to help him, right?

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27 September 2013
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Valve and the Steam Universe

Busy week for Valve; SteamOS, Steam Machines, Steam Controller – what do you think, worth the go?

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25 June 2013
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Zuki Magic Life Counter launched on Google Play!

Hey everyone! I’d like to announce the successful publishing of my first (of hopefully many) apps to go onto the Google Play store. Just a simple one to get started, it’s a little Magic the Gathering (and similar) life counter app, that is a bit different to the others in that it is designed to be clear, simple and readable for both players.

It’s very simple, tap the top of one life total to increase it, tap the bottom to decrease it! There’s a reset button, and a small help button. There’s more features to be added as time goes on, but as the first app I’ve actually gone through the Google publishing process with, I wanted to get things moving!

You can see all my apps at this link:
As you can see, there is a free, ad-supported version, and a 69p version that has no advertising. Either way, I appreciate your support :) so please, download and use the app, and give me whatever feedback / ideas for new versions you want!

– Matt “gyaku_zuki” Leebody

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21 March 2013
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I like snow!

It’s time for snow! Yeah, seems to have snuck in but large parts of the UK are looking white tomorrow, in particular for Belfast!

Met Office: Northern Ireland: severe weather warnings

Yay :) I hope it lies – snow photography seems fun, and at least the “possibility of severe disruption, particularly to transport and to power supplies” shouldn’t affect me as I can work from home given power and internet!

Do take care, however, if you’re out on the roads!

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19 March 2013
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Children in gay adoptions at no disadvantage

Children in gay adoptions at no disadvantage – Health News – Health & Families – The Independent.

Not surprising, really. But then, don’t let the research get in the way of your bigotry! Especially people like commenter grey_rage, who is the greatest colossal fucktard of the week with this comment:

Bigots like me see the catholic church full of gays interfering with children, they see gay ministers and the well placed visiting childrens homes to access vulnerable young boys to gratify their own perverted desires. Bigots like me also remember the likes of peter tachel out side schools giving out leadlets. I remember him trying to get the age of concent reduced or abolished and speaking about sex with nine year olds. Perhaps those are just a couple of reasons we bigots feel the way we do.

Congrats, moron.

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15 February 2013
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Antichamber – You are not here

Not since Portal have I had this much fun playing a puzzle game. And there is a distinct feel of Portal going on here, with the clean whites, the clever puzzles, a strange gun, and the outlandish physics.

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