For sale – Yugioh cards

I’m clearing out my old collection of Yugioh cards, there are some good old ones such as Jinzo as well as old staples such as Exiled Force. All my cards are in great condition having been filed or sleeved and there are more than just what are pictured. Some I’m also trying to sell on eBay but if there are any you would like please make a reasonable offer!!!

Examples of a selection of cards:

I’d also be open to doing a bulk sell to a shop or individual, and would be willing to negotiate on price!

Posted by gyaku_zuki   @   11 February 2014
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Nov 6, 2014
7:21 pm
#1 Oz :

Are you still selling, or have you cleared these out ages ago? Cause if you’re still looking for a buyer I’m interested in Divine Grace – Northwemko

Author Jan 9, 2015
12:27 am
#2 gyaku_zuki :

Hey there, sorry for the delay replying, yeah I still have them! Drop me a message!

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