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Hi there! My name's Matt, and I'm from Northern Ireland, born and raised! As a 27 year old, I'm just beginning to emerge from University, where I studied Physics. Stereotypically of a Physics student, I'm a bit of a nerd - I've always been into computers, science, technology and all things geeky, like Doctor Who, Star Trek, Xboxes, Android and basically everything nerdy you can think of. I was programming on my Commodore 64 since I was 4, and I've had so many PCs and consoles I don't know where to begin! Don't worry though, I wouldn't change that for a second - being a nerd is just part of who I am! I have a great boyfriend, yes, that's boyfriend. Sorry ladies and homophobes, but I'm gay. And you know what? If I had been freely given the choice, having gone through both the good times and the bad, I would pick gay any time. Only being gay has given me the opportunities to do some amazing things, from meeting so many great people and friends, to volunteering with Cara-Friend, GLYNI, and a bunch of other Northern Ireland queer-interest and support groups. I hope that during my time in GLYNI I helped out - I certainly had fun! From the times laughing with new friends in a bar, to the residential weekends, to frantically trying to get everything organised on the morning of the Pride parade, it's been an awesome experience, and I want you all to know that you guys, the friends I've made over the years, are the best people I can think of. But I want you all to know, that I may not be around so much, but I'm always up for hanging out, if you need someone to talk to, or just help take your mind off what ails you. Just get in touch. That goes for everyone! I've never had a good experience with religion, and I guess as a gay scientist, you might not be too surprised - and I have engaged in quite the arguments over my times. I usually don't mean anything by it - mostly, it's because I genuinely like trying to convince people, and have them try to convince me. Whilst I'd say the former happens more than the latter ;) I have changed what I think on a lot of issues; I have a very open mind. I'm not in any real position to judge others really, no-one is, and I’ve got my healthy dose of weird just like everyone. I'm even a furry, which I bet you didn't know! I think normal sucks - none of the people I like are normal - and you are so much better for it. I can be moody, I sometimes get myself down for stupid reasons, and I have a bunch of regrets - I don't think anyone doesn't. I can get too angry sometimes, though I try not to be. Pressure rarely works on me, I tend to just get stressed. But I still try, and usually, the combination of video games, karate, 'eclectic' taste in music, reading, photography, blogging, drawing or a bunch of other things take my mind off things! I love the hell out of dogs, in particular huskies. And I genuinely have spent evenings just doing that YouTube thing where you bounce from video to video - I'm not a crazy cat-watcher, but dogs are awesome! So are you wondering what I do online? Well, if you're looking to find me, I mainly go by gyaku_zuki and similar usernames. Find me on Steam and PSN using gyaku_zuki, or Xbox Live gyakuzuk1, Facebook on gyakuzuki, Twitter as gyaku_zuki. I'm up for being added on most things, I do have other usernames for furry stuff, but you'll have to ask for that. But yeah, basically if you see a passing gyaku_zuki, it's probably me (when it isn't a punch - I stole it from karate ‘cos it has a 'Z'). Look me up - I don't usually bite ^w^

Christmas iTunes woes

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My brother got an iPod Touch for Christmas, and of course that means iTunes! He had previously not used iTunes, as he didn’t have an ipod and didn’t have a great music collection. So, as the older, techy brother, my job for Christmas morning is to set him up, ready to go…

Just one problem… iTunes was being a total whore. It seemed like it would do nothing but freeze, freeze, freeze. If opened from a desktop / start menu shortcut, it would load up but freeze as soon as you try to play a song, or download from the store. Read More

Random freezing / stuttering / sound loops in Windows Vista or 7?


I recently had this problem, and since it broke my PC for like 4 hours, and couldn’t find ANY solution online, I thought I’d share. I’m gonna vent the whole process to you, or if you are just wanting the fix, scroll down. Read More

Exposé for Windows

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OK so everyone loves Exposé for Mac. It’s extremely useful, and I hate that, because Microsoft STILL doesn’t include a decent replacement even now we have Windows 7!

Fear not – while chatting to Sean the other day, he asked if I had something (actually his dodgy memory made him think he had seen me do it while I was showing him Windows 7). I was like, wait, surely there is something? Read More