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25 June 2013
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Zuki Magic Life Counter launched on Google Play!

Hey everyone! I’d like to announce the successful publishing of my first (of hopefully many) apps to go onto the Google Play store. Just a simple one to get started, it’s a little Magic the Gathering (and similar) life counter app, that is a bit different to the others in that it is designed to be clear, simple and readable for both players.

It’s very simple, tap the top of one life total to increase it, tap the bottom to decrease it! There’s a reset button, and a small help button. There’s more features to be added as time goes on, but as the first app I’ve actually gone through the Google publishing process with, I wanted to get things moving!

You can see all my apps at this link:
As you can see, there is a free, ad-supported version, and a 69p version that has no advertising. Either way, I appreciate your support 🙂 so please, download and use the app, and give me whatever feedback / ideas for new versions you want!

– Matt “gyaku_zuki” Leebody

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27 October 2011
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Strange issues on the blog

Some content has vanished as a result of a recent update to Wordpress or one of my plugins. Apologies!

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18 January 2010
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Virus Alert – PDF Exploit

There is currently a nasty exploit on PDF files doing the rounds. Protect yourself here.

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