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6 March 2012
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Stupidest Cardinal in the world?

Cardinal Keith Michael Patrick O’Brien. You. Are. Not. Worthy. Of. RESPECT. And I will give you NONE. Deciding to take himself to the Sunday Telegraph to bash at gay marriage, this idiot basically trolled the entire country. It’s people like this that get me angry at religion. You wonder why there are so many people without faith, when you are so out of touch and nausea-inducing? As my friend Adam said, it’s almost the perfect pro-gay strategy. I’m not sure we need to even say anything, as people like that just look like absolute fools to, I hope, the majority of logical-thinking people. Go back under your rock. Get out of my life, let me live equally and stop thrusting your religion, your sexuality, down my throat. Sound familiar?

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28 February 2012
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NoH8 Campaign – Models wanted!

I’d like to offer to anyone who’d like me to take a NOH8 picture for them and edit it, so that I can compile, for GLYNI, a set of our local faces to add to the NOH8 global movement.

Please, I’d like to get as many as possible, particularly from young people and GLYNI members – let’s show that we won’t tolerate hate anywhere, and especially not here!

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8 December 2010
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The War for the Internet

Is this current crisis the first salvo in an internet war which will change the internet forever? With US Government interference already admitted by PayPal, has the penny dropped that the Internet is not as free as we believed?

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20 April 2010
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Will the Digital Economy Act ever be repealed?

The Digital Economy Act was passed with the UK government in its pre-election “wash-up” period. The Lib Dems still haven’t delievered on their manifesto promise to scrap it. Time for a rant.

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