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25 June 2016
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Divided Kingdom – the Referendum

I have never felt less British; those last few strings emotively tying me to the term United Kingdom have been cut with this referendum.

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24 October 2015
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School days and reunions

Yesterday, my old school held a dinner to mark 10 years since we finished upper sixth there. I didn’t go, but you don’t need a dinner at Inst to catch up with me; just give me a shout sometime!

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12 January 2015
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In honour of Belfast’s crisp sandwich café…

A café has opened in Belfast today that serves crisp sandwiches in lots of varieties, deli style.

It sold out of its stock in hours from what I’m told.

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9 January 2015
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New year, more blogging!

A little update on my intentions over the year for my blogging!

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15 May 2014
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‘Right to be Forgotten’ EU ruling

Is the EU ruling on the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ a good ruling that safeguards our data privacy, or draconian censorship that hobbles search providers?

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27 February 2014
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Solution to the Flag Protests in NI

Change the Union Flag to one of these, and the flag protests will be over instantly; not even the die-hards would want these flying from their buildings!

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14 February 2014
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Valentine’s for everybody!

Valentine’s falling on the day of a full moon?!? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??? (Werewolf love?)

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20 January 2014
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On Reparative Therapy

Bob is a troubled stickman. See, ever since his teenage years, he’s really hated his eyes. So much so, he wants them gone, but just can’t manage to bring himself to do it on his own. He finally decides he will go to a doctor, surely a doctor will help him? After all, it’s his body and he is free to do it, so surely someone else should be free to help him, right?

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23 January 2013
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Tonsils; curse them!

So, I’ve had two of the worst night’s sleep ever the past two days, all because of those useless things that hang at the back of your throat – tonsils.

Post thumbnail of Northern Ireland and Flags – Past In Flames
9 January 2013
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Northern Ireland and Flags – Past In Flames

Past in Flames is a Magic the Gathering card. A pretty awesome one. Really, I like the name; it conjures up all sorts of images in my head, fiery spells and igniting thoughts.

Right now, the other image that comes to my mind is; Northern Ireland is the past in flames. People, so enraged by a past, by ancestors that don’t matter, that they burn the present.

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