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As a busy man, I have lots of things happening – and here you can see what I’ve been up to, and what I’m still doing!

I’m of course engaged currently in PhD research in Physics, although I can’t really go into any great detail on what my research is for intellectual property reasons. Aside from this (which takes up most of my time) I also busy myself with a number of carefully selected activities. Some information about each is below, but you can get more detail by clicking the appropriate links.

The ‘Zuki’ Blog – This should require little explanation; you ARE already here! The blog is a collecting place for my work, my help, my thoughts and my projects, a hub for myself basically on the internet.

Websites – Apart from this one, I have been the creative force behind a number of websites on the internet, and you can find out more about which ones, and what I did on them here.

NoH8 – You may have heard of the NoH8 campaign. As an amateur photographer with a new DSLR, and someone obviously sympathetic to the cause, I decided to put in a bit of practice by taking some of these styled photographs for myself. You can get examples and more information here.

Programming – Most of my programming of late has been little hardware-controlling programs for my PhD, but any of my current programming tasks and ideas will be here.

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