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6 November 2015
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Appointed as Chair of Cara-Friend

If you know much about the Northern Ireland LGB&T community, you’ll know about Cara-Friend. As one of the biggest LGB&T charities here, it does a lot of great work – particularly with young people. I’ve served on their management committee, and then their board of directors. And I’m delighted to now be representing the charity […]

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19 May 2015
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Ashers and Bad Advice

I was going to do a longer post about the cake thing but I think for now I’ll summarise with a few choice things I’ve observed today. I never held any particular ill will towards the Ashers owners but strongly disagreed with their position. Today, looking over the whole thing, I was stuck by a […]

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15 March 2015
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LGB&T lives are not a fashion show

I don’t think I’ve seen a greater misunderstanding of their own community in recent times than the story of how gay fashion designer icons Dolce and Gabbana have decided that the only valid families are traditional ones with a mother and father.

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20 January 2014
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On Reparative Therapy

Bob is a troubled stickman. See, ever since his teenage years, he’s really hated his eyes. So much so, he wants them gone, but just can’t manage to bring himself to do it on his own. He finally decides he will go to a doctor, surely a doctor will help him? After all, it’s his body and he is free to do it, so surely someone else should be free to help him, right?

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19 March 2013
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Children in gay adoptions at no disadvantage

Children in gay adoptions at no disadvantage – Health News – Health & Families – The Independent.

Not surprising, really. But then, don’t let the research get in the way of your bigotry! Especially people like commenter grey_rage, who is the greatest colossal fucktard of the week with this comment:

Bigots like me see the catholic church full of gays interfering with children, they see gay ministers and the well placed visiting childrens homes to access vulnerable young boys to gratify their own perverted desires. Bigots like me also remember the likes of peter tachel out side schools giving out leadlets. I remember him trying to get the age of concent reduced or abolished and speaking about sex with nine year olds. Perhaps those are just a couple of reasons we bigots feel the way we do.

Congrats, moron.

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28 February 2012
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NoH8 Campaign – Models wanted!

I’d like to offer to anyone who’d like me to take a NOH8 picture for them and edit it, so that I can compile, for GLYNI, a set of our local faces to add to the NOH8 global movement.

Please, I’d like to get as many as possible, particularly from young people and GLYNI members – let’s show that we won’t tolerate hate anywhere, and especially not here!

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