Who is Zuki?


Founder of Zuki

Matt / Zuki

Matt Leebody a.k.a. Zuki
Age: 30
Profession: Software Developer and PhD Physicist


  • Physics
  • Web design
  • Hobbies:
    • Graphic design
    • Photography
    • Computer Programming
    • Gaming
    • Karate / Martial Arts

Hi there! My name’s Matt, 30, and I’m from Northern Ireland. I studied Physics to PhD level at university, and now I work as a Software Developer with BT.

Being a nerd is just part of who I am! I have a great boyfriend, yes, I’m gay. I’m always up for hanging out, if you need someone to talk to, or just help take your mind off what ails you. Just get in touch.

I think normal sucks – none of the people I like are normal!

A combination of video games, karate, ‘eclectic’ taste in music, reading, photography, blogging, drawing or a bunch of other things take my mind off things! I’m a dog person, in particular huskies. Cats are ok, but dogs are awesome!

I volunteer in the LGBT community, and am currently Chair of the Northern Ireland charity, Cara-Friend.

So are you wondering what I do online? Well, if you’re looking to find me, I mainly go by gyaku_zuki and similar usernames. Find me on Steam and PSN using gyaku_zuki, or Xbox Live gyakuzuk1, Facebook and YouTube on gyakuzuki, Twitter as gyaku_zuki. I’m up for being added on most things, I do have other usernames for some stuff. But yeah, basically if you see a passing gyaku_zuki, it’s probably me.

My website and blog can be found, along with some of my photography, programming and other projects, at http://zuki.org.uk/
Otherwise, you want some links to my online profiles for things? Best thing for that is my Gravatar – http://gravatar.com/gyakuzuki/

Hope you know a bit more about me now!


Posted by gyaku_zuki   @   13 November 2009



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