Exposé for Windows

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OK so everyone loves Exposé for Mac. It’s extremely useful, and I hate that, because Microsoft STILL doesn’t include a decent replacement even now we have Windows 7!

Fear not – while chatting to Sean the other day, he asked if I had something (actually his dodgy memory made him think he had seen me do it while I was showing him Windows 7). I was like, wait, surely there is something?

A google later: Switcher for Windows Vista (and compatible with 7)

It’s great. You can fully customise colours, layouts, styles, etc etc etc. you can make it look and act exactly like it’s Mac counterpart. I even have an automatic hotspot of the top-left corner of my screen! And it supports live updating, so if you are playing a video, it will still play while Exposé-ing(?).

Recommended for all on Vista and 7!

Peace, out!

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