Month: April 2010

Will the Digital Economy Act ever be repealed?


The Digital Economy Act… Passed by the Commons during ‘wash-up’… Democracy guys… democracy in action. Most MPs didn’t bother to turn up.

Do me, and online freedom a favour. Switch to TalkTalk:

One of the country’s largest broadband providers, TalkTalk, has said it would rather go to court than disconnect a customer’s account for alleged copyright infringement. It has also pledged to never surrender a customer’s details to copyright holders without a court order.

Andrew Heaney, executive director of strategy and regulation at TalkTalk, wrote on the company blog: “Many draconian proposals remain [in the Act], such as the presumption that they [customers] are guilty unless they can prove themselves innocent, and, as in China, the potential for legitimate search engines and websites to be blocked.

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