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TR3N – Tron 3 greenlit?

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The buzz has been around the ‘net the last few weeks, and it now seems to be confirmed, as a quick Google News search will tell you. From reports of Bruce Boxleitner stating at an expo ”Oh, it’s already a done deal. It’s already in the works, my friend.” to reports that Tron 3 out-sold other major franchises. From Deadline:

“Its performance certainly compares well to other 2D films that launched franchises. Tron: Legacy out-grossed the Chris Nolan-directed Batman Begins ($373 million) and the Abrams-directed Star Trek ($386 million), both of which were based on brands far more famous than the long-forgotten 1982 original Tron. For that matter, Tron: Legacy out-grossed The Bourne Identity ($214 million) and its sequel The Bourne Supremacy ($288 million). It also bested X-Men Origins: Wolverine ($373 million), National Treasure ($347 million) and The Fast and the Furious ($207 million).”

Whilst noting that factors such as 3D prices are not taken into account in this analysis, I agree that, whilst Tron Legacy was far from perfect in a storyline sense, I have seen SO MANY WORSE films that spawn infinity sequels (hello, Fast and Furious, Transporter, Transformers) and given the stunning visuals, fantastic soundtrack, and cult status of the original, I think Disney could do a lot worse.

If nothing else, it had the best ‘Disney Castle‘ intro ever.

I hope that the project moves from ‘unofficial done deal’ to ‘official done deal’ sometime soon – we already got a TR3N teaser on the DVD / Blu-Ray, and it’s widely reported that a script for the third was already in progress before Legacy was shown, so it sounds like they’ve already invested so much in marketing and merchandising that it would be mad NOT to make it a trilogy.

I’ll try not to be cynical and say that reloading (see what I did there) TRON after all this time is a sign of the lack of innovation in Hollywood, as TRON was always a childhood favourite of mine. Hopefully, the uncredited Cillian Murphy will have some role to play – seemed like a possible thread left dangling, especially with the teaser. The only shame in my mind is, given the storyline of legacy and teaser, whether Jeff Bridges will be back. If not, that would be a real shame.

Flynn Lives 😉

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