Chronicles of a Thesis: Day 4 – Procrastination

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Bad Dog

Weekends are hard…

So, Saturday (yesterday) was tough because I bought a new toy – Panasonic Lumix G3 DSLR 😀 – but at least I did about half an hour of work. Today… none, nada, ziltch. James was over, and then I was going over to my parents for dinner, and then Nicky had a new Xbox and I was chatting about that with him… and it just didn’t fit. I could do it now, but it’s half 9 and I need some ‘me’ time to chill and play games with some crappy movie in the background.

I think it’s been a hell of a week, and I’m not going to go crazy if I miss a day. I have a lot going on, and the thesis is an important part, so I will be making time for it. But one day won’t kill me. I might still do a little this evening, after some Fallout 3, which is very fun. And, you gotta remember what they say, you have to have a little fun, every day.

Peace, out!

– Matt

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