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Chronicles of a Thesis: Despair, frustration and hope

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So, I know I said I was going to do an hour a night. Yeah, that didn’t last long unfortunately. I have a good bit done, but thesis writing moved to second behind actually getting results (kinda a required part of a thesis).

Science ruins my sanity on a daily basis
Science ruins my sanity on a daily basis. But I wouldn't care, as long as I can get my results and write my thesis!

I can’t (probably not anyway, so I’ll not risk it :P) talk about what I’m actually doing, but suffice to say something should be working, and it hasn’t been. I’ve been trying to make it work for a year, but to no avail. Earlier today, I had a despairing moment, one of those moments I’m sure happens, where I freak out about “Oh damn this isn’t working it’ll never work never EVER” and worrying about whether I’ll get done in time to take ANY job, let alone the one I’ve secured with BT. It’s not a nice feeling.

So I had this moment after an hour futilely analysing a sample looking for my stuff to happen, and seeing nothing. See, the equipment I use to analyse it is kinda dodgy, like most equipment in labs everywhere. It is new, but has glitches and problems, and I was coming against one of its problems. But the frustration was discovering, thanks entirely to Bill, that the problem wasn’t on the bit I thought it was but on a completely different part.


So I mentioned hope somewhere. Well, so it’s already 7pm and I want to get home to watch the Champions League Semi-Final between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. But, knowing now what part is bad, an easily replaceable one, I really want to swap it and do just a few more scans…

So I do, and despite it being much too early to declare it a real result, amazingly, I get a graph out that looks suspiciously like the ones in the literature. The numbers look reasonable. Hope. I still have it.

I’m home now, watching the match on ITV+1, and eating chicken strippers and cheesy bacon potato skins. I’m supposed to be watching my weight because of Spain holiday in 5 weeks, but I couldn’t NOT tonight. Not after that day. Hope for tomorrow springs eternal!

I now officially have too many video games

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Star Ruler - The game in question, the cover grabbed me cos I'm a sucker for these kind of games!

I did something that finally made me realise I think I have too many games 😛 No “I told you so” please James!

So, I was in town, buying a present for my dad’s birthday, and also killing time because I had an appointment at Specsavers to go to. So, I call into Game, see if there are any bargains, and for the first time in a LONG time in Game, I look at their PC collection, paltry though it is. And I see an interesting looking space game – a soft spot of mine is space games in general.

The game in question, the cover grabbed me cos I'm a sucker

I barcode scan it with Google Goggles, to get reviews and price comparisons; no better online prices than £9.99 which is the Game price… and the reviews are average, 6 – 8 out of 10, so I decide to take a chance on it. I go home, and start playing Baldur’s Gate II again, without even opening it. “Aha!” you might be thinking. You might think that the fact I didn’t open the game immediately and try it as the sign I’m talking about. No. That is a bad sign 😛 but it isn’t what I’m talking about.

What I’m talking about is, the next morning when I go into uni, I have one of those weird brain moments where, for no reason, you think of something suddenly. And my sudden thought, “Hey, see that game I bought yesterday? Isn’t that one I bought on Steam a while back?”

Yup. Right there. There it is. “Star Ruler”

Aw crap. It was even installed, like I'd planned to give it a try sometime soon.
Aw crap. It was even installed, like I'd planned to give it a try sometime soon.

So, the good thing is I have the receipt, and haven’t broken the seal, so I can and will return it; I want my £10 back! However, it highlights a problem I’ve been having with Steam for a while now. I feel less like a gamer now, and more a game collector. Like stamps. Only for me it’s games, and the collector book is Steam. Take a look at this shit: 158 Steam games with a total value of $1746.43. Now, granted, most of my games were not at the price that calculator uses. Between free games, Indie Bundles, 75+% off deals on Steam, my real ‘spent’ total would be a lot less. But that is 158 games!!! And I assure you, a good half of those I have probably never played through!

I need to stop responding to these Steam sales 😛

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