Who will decide the next President?

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It’s US election time, and all eyes are on America – who will win the day? Will it be POTUS, President Barack Obama, or will it be the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney? More importantly, who will decide the winner?

I was emailed recently by a website, trying to promote its developed graphic. The graphic is quite large, but I include it below.

Facebooking for Office Infographic - President

I know, a huge image – a lot to take in. But it makes a number of very interesting points; points about how the internet and social media influences people, whether it’s changing minds or just reminding people to vote. It sounds a little depressing to say, but compared to the number of people who use social media, the number who vote is substantially less. Obviously, this graphic uses US research, but I would imagine the same is true of the UK, we’re not that dissimilar in culture.

Just think what might change if all those young people voted! Particularly in Northern Ireland, where admittedly I don’t vote because I have no faith in our politics. How many more like me, who feel disenfranchised? How many, who banded together would change the vote entirely?

It’s making me re-think my own policy of abstention. Maybe it will yours, if that is your way. If you already do vote, well I guess you should note how well you influence others, purely by talking about it amongst your friends. And personally, I’m hoping that come 6th November, the USA will act as the social media predicts – and re-elect Obama.

Peace, out!
– Matt

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