Zuki Magic Life Counter launched on Google Play!

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Hey everyone! I’d like to announce the successful publishing of my first (of hopefully many) apps to go onto the Google Play store. Just a simple one to get started, it’s a little Magic the Gathering (and similar) life counter app, that is a bit different to the others in that it is designed to be clear, simple and readable for both players – Zuki Magic Life Counter.

It’s very simple, tap the top of one life total to increase it, tap the bottom to decrease it! There’s a reset button, and a small help button. There’s more features to be added as time goes on, but as the first app I’ve actually gone through the Google publishing process with, I wanted to get things moving!

Zuki Magic Life Counter Screenshot

You can see all my apps at this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Zuki
As you can see, there is a free, ad-supported version, and a 69p version that has no advertising. Either way, I appreciate your support 🙂 so please, download and use the app, and give me whatever feedback / ideas for new versions you want!

– Matt “gyaku_zuki” Leebody

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  1. I really love the simplicity of this app as it is, I almost specifically chose it because of this, so I’m not super worried about getting many new features for it. I just wanted to point out a bug I keep having with it. Sometimes I leave the app to go to my homescreen(or elsewhere), when I come back into the app my opponents life(top screen counter) resets to 20. It doesn’t always happen though, can’t find a reason why.

  2. Hi Nick! Thanks a lot for the feedback – I always appreciate it and I’m so glad you like the app, please share it with others!

    Firstly, I’ll just let you know even though you don’t mind about the extra features, I’m sorry that I haven’t released an update for the app in a long while. Truth is, life (specifically my thesis writeup) has very much stolen my life for the last year! I have plans for the app but trust me, they won’t affect the simplicity!

    On your particular issue – it’s strange that it only happens for one life total. By design, the app does not specifically remember the life totals when the app closes (though I want to change this). Mainly, Android retains apps and their state in memory for a while until specifically closed or if the OS needs more memory. So, I wouldn’t be totally surprised if both life counters reset if you go to the home screen and do a bunch of memory-intensive stuff.

    Only one, though, that’s a bit of a mystery! Can I ask you about your phone make and model, and Android version, and I can keep a note of it and investigate?

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