Movies of 2015 – “Big Hero 6” and “Taken 3”!

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Baymax and a Ball

In a week, I’ve seen two movies – Last night I saw Taken 3, and on Sunday I saw Big Hero 6. Suffice to say, I think Big Hero 6 is the better of the two haha. Both are good movies though!

Big Hero 6 has been out in the US for ages already, they had it in November I think. It’s a bit of a weird departure for Disney; it’s basically the first fruit borne of the recent merge of Marvel into Disney, as Big Hero 6 was a Marvel comic superhero team originally. What you will probably already know is it’s a Pixar-treated Disney movie – and so Disney has thrown all of the delicious Pixar cuteness onto it. So, we end up with the loveable robot Baymax doing all sorts of quirky and cute things, since he’s essentially a big balloon (very different to his comic origins!).

Baymax and a Ball
Baymax and a ball he can’t reach… adorable!

I’m not gonna go into too much detail on story and stuff because spoilers would abound, but they’ve torn up most of the original story from the comics in favour of a less complicated and simpler story. In keeping with recent Disney/Pixar there’s plenty of feels going around. It otherwise is fun, entertaining and bound to be a good hit for Disney – with undoubtedly plenty of toys and such soon to follow. As a film, the only thing I thought was disappointing was the pace near the end. It almost finishes all of a sudden – it seemed like there was the build up to the finale and the finale went at breakneck speed, then very little wrap up afterwards, basically like “all done! see ya later!”. I also thought they didn’t do much developing of the other heroes on the team, some of which were pretty interesting in their own right. It seems like a time thing for both.

On the opposite end of film genres is Taken 3 (Tak3n?), the last in a trilogy which I would have sworn would never get two films yet alone three. Having evolved rapidly from Taken’s “You’re going to be taken” to Taken 2’s “Your mom and I are going to be taken”, the trailer reveals a minor spoiler that shows this isn’t going to be a film about that kind of being ‘Taken’. Thankfully, Liam Neeson takes a lot more lives once more to make up for it, in a typical action movie that despite being really rather unspecial is still quite entertaining. It’s not good cinema, but if you’re like me you’ll like it anyway. My personal highlight is when Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) is conversing in Russian to a bad guy at his mercy, and the Russian switches to English and deadpans “Your accent is terrible!”; bravo, stereotypical Russian bad guy number 3, bravo.

Bryan Mills
Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills – DILF?

It’s always interesting to see on Rotten Tomatoes when a film like Taken 3 has only 10% from critic reviews but holds a currently 75% from user reviews. This isn’t a film critics are going to see much of value in, but somehow the formula works well for mindless action that you don’t have to think too much about. I always like Forest Whitaker though, even though his character in this movie is a bit odd.

So, if you’re at all like me, both these films are worth a watch – although you’ll have to wait a few more weeks for Big Hero 6, as I caught an advance preview. It comes out at the end of January!

What films are you looking forward to in 2015?

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