Matt’s Projects

As a busy man, I have lots of things happening – and here you can see what I’ve been up to, and what I’m still doing!

I’ve finished now my PhD research in Physics, specialising in solid state physics in partnership with Seagate Technology. I also busy myself with a number of things, other than my day job with BT! Some information about each is below, but you can get more detail by clicking the appropriate links.

Programming – If you’ve used any of BT’s apps, I’ve had a hand in the underlying technology there. My API platform is used by BT for its current suite of mobile apps.

The ‘Zuki’ Blog – This should require little explanation; you ARE already here! The blog is a collecting place for my work, my help, my thoughts and my projects, a hub for myself basically on the internet.

Websites – Apart from this one, I have been the creative force behind a number of websites on the internet, and you can find out more about which ones, and what I did on them here. Many of these are no longer in use and have been replaced.

NoH8 – You may have heard of the NoH8 campaign. As an photographer, and someone obviously sympathetic to the cause, I decided to put in a bit of practice by taking some of these styled photographs for myself. You can get examples and more information here.

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