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Ashers and Bad Advice

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I was going to do a longer post about the cake thing but I think for now I’ll summarise with a few choice things I’ve observed today.

I never held any particular ill will towards the Ashers owners but strongly disagreed with their position. Today, looking over the whole thing, I was stuck by a scenario in which I could actually feel a little sorry for them.

Not, I’ll say, because of their stance on that fateful day. No, because when you see them in a picture with Edwin Poots on one side (preaching about wasting taxpayers money with a frivolous court case, the man has a nerve) and Paul Givan on the other, moping about how the case should never have reached the court, it’s funny.

Funny that mediation was offered to Ashers multiple times throughout the process. And was declined. Something Paul seems to have missed. Or wilfully neglected, who knows. One has to wonder, if free of the ‘advice’ of the DUP and Christian Institute influence, would Ashers have elected instead to mediate? Did they really want all this press, to be under a microscope for their views, to be held up by the right-wing as pariahs?

Perhaps they did. Or, just maybe, they took some really bad advice, and allowed people with too many vested interests get their hands on it. If the latter, I suspect they’ve learned their lesson.

For now, I’ll save you all my Buzzfeed-style rundown of the “worst comparison based arguments to the cake saga ever”, but leave you with this evening’s fruity cake.


Solution to the Flag Protests in NI

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Gizmodo UK – Would You Welcome One of These Union Jack Redesigns if Scotland Votes for Independence?

Seriously, just change the Union Flag to one of these, and the flag protests will be over instantly; because not even the most die-hard Unionist would want one of these ugly motherfuckers flying from their buildings and lampposts!

Examples of the crazy:

The Flag Institute offers up several revisions, some taking influence from royal crests and coats of arms, others from the Welsh cross of St David.

Would You Welcome One of These Union Jack Redesigns if Scotland Votes for Independence?

Would You Welcome One of These Union Jack Redesigns if Scotland Votes for Independence?

Would You Welcome One of These Union Jack Redesigns if Scotland Votes for Independence?

What do you think 😉

– Zuki

Northern Ireland and Flags – Past In Flames

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Flying, free. Photo / image by Matthew James Leebody.

Past in Flames is a Magic the Gathering card. A pretty awesome one. Really, I like the name; it conjures up all sorts of images in my head, fiery spells and igniting thoughts.

Right now, the other image that comes to my mind is; Northern Ireland is the past in flames. People, so enraged by a past, by ancestors that don’t matter, that they burn the present.

The flag flying every day is now past. And so too is Northern Ireland as part of Ireland. The future is another matter, things can always still change. But this idea that we are either British or Irish enrages me, that it occupies so much of people’s minds that they lose all reason. I’m Northern Irish, Irish, and British, I guess. I’m not proud or ashamed of any of that. I’m indifferent; its a nationality, but what does it matter? Ask yourself, what ARE you fighting for? Ancient justice for a past colonisation? A queen who knows not of your existence, nor cares?

Flying, free

If you’ve ever used the phrase “they should go back home where they belong” towards either side, you need to take a long hard look at yourself; you’re calling for people born and raised five minutes down the road from you to be expelled from the country, to leave their homeland. We are brothers; we were ALL born here, it’s OUR land.

Stop mewling about the wrongs perpetrated against those so long dead. Stop swallowing the words of corrupt politicians, all too soaked in blood that they can’t take a firm grip of peace.

I would very much love to see us forge a new flag, one not to replace the Union Flag, which is for now the flag of our union, but to represent the state of Northern Ireland. One that we all have no problem seeing fly every day above our city halls.

One flag that we can use to choke the bigotry of our politicians.

Let the past burn; forget it. From the ashes that remain, the future will grow.


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Northern Irish Identity

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Some of you may be familiar with the date. 11th July. Every year. That’s tonight, by the way.

A night where people go crazier than usual, where bonfires spring up and police are on patrol. And on this ‘special’ night, I wanted to share a post from my friend, Chris Geddis, on national identity in ‘Our Wee Country’…

Ok, this is Northern Ireland, or the North of Ireland or whatever your upbringing and current views tell you it’s called. Whatever. This is a disclaimer, this could get controversial and somewhat nasty in the debate that’s probably going to occur. This is your warning, so don’t get hurt and offended later if you can’t steel yourself beforehand.

Northern Ireland, a wonderful littleclusterfeck of a nation is seen mostly as usual in green and orange and fuck everyone who doesn’t quite fit into that.

Here’s my problem. Northern Ireland is currently a nation under the united title of Great Britain, something that also encompasses Scotland, Wales and England.I don’t view my nationality as either Irish or British, I view it as Northern Irish, you are allowed to disagree with me here in views to how you see your own nationality but don’t you dare talk down to me about how my nationality isn’t valid or doesn’t exist.Here’s some popular arguments. “You can’t get a Northern Irish passport, you can only get an Irish or GB one.” This is very true. So by that logic, Welsh, Scottish and English people aren’t allowed to call themselves Welsh, Scottish or English, because you can’t get Welsh, Scottish or English passports, only British ones.

Another favourite of mine is being told I’m being wishy-washy. I’m not. I’m sorry but it’s true. I feel I’m Northern Irish. I look to the South and don’t see myself associated with or represented by the Dáil or the Senate. They don’t affect my life. I look to Great Britain, and I can see that the laws passed there will affect me, but each member nation still manages to have its own sense of uniqueness and its own devolved powers.I look then at Stormont, in regards to most powers and issues this is where I feel I need to go and challenge to be represented. We also have our own culture and way of doing things. It’s not Irish culture, and I can’t seem to find anything British culture wise that I can feel I belong to or represents me. I find it here at home in Northern Ireland.So why then do republicans and loyalists, nationalists and unionists insist on calling me out and attempting to the best of their ability to try to make me feel like my opinion is invalid? Scottish people are part of Great Britain, they still have things that are Scottish and unique to Scotland, when they go away abroad places they say they are Scottish.Same with Wales and England. But in Northern Ireland?

Any attempt to assert or try to establish a Northern Ireland identity is often met with the most rampant and ignorant rejections, dismissals and hatred I’ve seen in a long time. Why is this?I can understand if you don’t agree, or feel you need to declare as Irish or British depending on your beliefs and I’ll respect that, but here’s the thing you ignorant bastards. Don’t you ever dare try to tell me that my nationality or belief is invalid, and I can’t call myself Northern Irish. We have our own history, our own culture and our own uniqueness separate from the Republic, and separate from the title British, just like England, Scotland and Wales do.So the next time you feel like you need to get on your high horse and tell me that I’m not supposed to, or my views on my nationality are invalid, I want you to think if you’d tell a Scottish person they can’t be Scottish, a Welsh person they can’t be Welsh or an english person they can’t be english, or an irish person they can’t be irish. Or finally, a British person they can’t be british.Thank you. And wise up.

Don’t do anything stupid on your 11th night, no matter what ‘side’ you’re from.

Thanks to Chris for allowing me to repost.

Peace, out.